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M203 Motor Protector

M203 motor protector,its main chip adopts the industrial grade high-performance 16-bit DSP computer chip of Microchip. With a built-in 12-bit A/D converter, which can directly measure the true effective value of the AC signal. The unit adopt industrial-grade anti-interference design, wide power supply input, and all input/output are electrically isolated; Support a variety of motor start control modes and perfect protection function ,even in the start-up stage of the motor, short-circuit protection and plugging protection can be carried out on motor (general protectors are usually difficult to do this); the protection function can be turned on or off at any time according to the user's needs.

M203 can provide perfect motors protection with voltage levels below 1200V, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, coal, electric power, mining, cement, paper, municipal construction, civil construction and other industries.